Terms & Conditions

  1. The common facilities are open for use by all Owners and their guests.
  2. No smoking is permitted anywhere in the common area facilities.
  3. Fences, gates or privacy screens located on a Strata Lot shall be no more than 6 feet in height. Colour and design is to be approved in writing by Strata Council.
  4. All CSA designated Recreational Vehicles ( RV's ) and Park Model Trailers shall be skirted within ninety ( 90 ) days of placement on a Strata Lot.
  5. All Strata Lots shall be properly landscaped within ninety ( 90 ) days of completion of exterior. Exceptions will be allowed for seasonal conditions.
  6. The only TV dish type of antennas permitted are the 18 inch ( 45cm ) or 24 inch ( 60 cm ) diameter type or the new elliptical variety. Dishes to be confined to the Owner's Strata Lot.
  7. Wiring and plumbing, if added, must be installed in accordance with Code.
  8. No owner shall post negative, offensive or derogatory signage on the Owner's RV, Park Model Trailer unit or Strata Lot, or on the Common Property.
  9. All vehicles operated in the RV Park must comply with the Motor vehicle Act. Park speed is 10 kph and is strictly enforced. All Owners and guests must comply.
  10. No trees in the RV Park, standing or otherwise, are to be cut. Nothing may be attached to trees in the RV Park by nails or screws or any device that would interfere with natural growth.
  11. The feeding of wildlife is strictly forbidden.
  12. No loud noise or parties will be tolerated between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am.
  13. Fires are permitted in the RV Park in designated fire pits only. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. All Fires shall be extinguished by 12:00 am. It is the responsibility of Owners to adhere to Governmental Fire Bans.
  14. Adult supervised fishing is allowed only in designated areas.
  15. No storage of personal belongings on Common Property is allowed
  16. All complaints or recommendations must be in writing and will be handled by the Manager or Strata Council.
  17. Employees or contractors of the Strata Corporation shall in no way be subject to individual control or direction from an Owner. This control is solely for the purpose of Strata Council or Manager.
  18. All owners must carry their own insurance on all structures, RV's Park Model Trailer unit and personal belongings located on the Strata Lot. The Strata Corporation accepts no responsibility for damage or loss of an Owner's personal property.
  19. All Park Rules shall be obeyed. Common facilities shall be used at the Owner's risk.
  20. Garbage must be kept enclosed in sealed containers. A common garbage bin is available for Owner's household garbage ( large quantities of garbage must be removed within a reasonable time by the Owner ).
  21. Please ensure that all of the RV and any parked vehicle are entirely within the lot boundaries.
  22. Visitors may park in a designated visitor parking space. All Lot Owners are reminded not to trespass on lots that do not belong to them. This includes driving and parking on them.
  23. Only one tent may be erected on each Strata Lot to accommodate a maximum of 4 people providing there is a park model or RV on the lot.
  24. There should be no long-term storing of possessions under an RV unless the skirting is in place.
  25. Owners are responsible for their lots at all times. Any weeds or garbage will be removed from any developed or undeveloped lot by an agent of the Strata Corporation and a fee will be payable by the Owner. The Strata Corporation may fine an Owner or Tenant as defined in Section 9 - Enforcement of Bylaws and Rules.
  26. All Lot Owners are responsible for their own as well as any guests, contractors or agents cigarette butts. Disposal of cigarette butts on common property is strictly prohibited.
  27. All wind chimes or other types of noise makers are prohibited.
  28. No one under the age of 16 shall use or be unsupervised in the Clubhouse.
  29. Keys for all units left on site will be provided for the Caretaker and or Management in case of emergency. The keys will be kept in a secure lockup in the clubhouse.
  30. Pellet guns, BB guns or any other device capable of firing or propelling any missile or other object is strictly prohibited.
  31. No firecrackers or fireworks are allowed to be set of in the Park or Strata Property at Silver Sands RV Resort.


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